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Security Procedures



All visitors, including volunteers and parents, must be buzzed-in at the front door and must report to the office to secure a badge that must be worn if they are planning to go to other parts of the building. Our computerized check-in system requires the scanning of a photo ID. Visitors and parents are not to go to teachers' classrooms or any other part of the building without obtaining permission in the office first. On the rare occasion it is necessary for a parent to visit a teacher's classroom during instructional time, they must arrange the visit in advance with an administrator and will be escorted to the teacher's classroom.





Students are not permitted to leave school with anyone other than a parent, guardian, or designated adult unless prior parental consent is on file in our system. The authorized adult must provide photo ID and sign the student out in the office in order for the student to leave. Students will not be called from the class until the authorized adult signs them out in the office. Students will not be allowed to check out after 3:30 p.m.



Last Modified on July 5, 2019